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Start English

Professional Development Programme and Business English Training

Effective communication is the key to success in any workplace. It drives innovation, boosts employee morale, increases staff retention, and leads to better business outcomes. But still, we know that many non-native English speakers struggle to communicate effectively in the workplace. And studies suggest that only 7 percent feel confident in their abilities.


If you or your colleagues struggle to communicate in meetings, feel nervous when speaking to clients or coworkers, spend too much time writing emails, avoid collaboration due to potential misunderstandings, or lack the vocabulary to do your job effectively, then it's time to take action.

The Start English Professional Development Programme is a tailored approach to help your organisation overcome its communication challenges. We want to address your specific needs, with a focus on delivering measurable and achievable goals for your team.


We start with a Sharing Session, a 30-minute online meeting with one of our English Trainers. During this session, we listen to your needs and issues with English communication.


We collaborate with you to identify three key areas of focus for the Start English Professional Development Programme. 


The training programme may consist of: 

All of these are managed by our experienced trainers and customized to address your needs. 


Our prices are transparent. Our trainers are experienced.


Our goal is simple - to help you unlock the power of effective communication in the workplace. 

Book a Sharing Session with us today. 

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