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One -on -One Sessions

Looking for personalised English communication training?


Our Start English one-on-one sessions are highly focused on an individual's specific needs, making them an ideal choice for busy executives who require flexible training schedules. Our experienced trainers will work with you to design a programme that meets your unique needs and goals.

Session Information


  • 12-hour package: from $1,320 ($110 per hour)

  • 30-hour package: from $3,105 ($105 per hour)

  • 60-hour package: from $5,700 ($95 per hour)

Who are these sessions suitable for?

  • Busy executives who require personalised training to fit their schedule.

  • Professionals who need to improve their English communication skills for career advancement.

  • Individuals who prefer one-on-one attention and feedback

Case Study

  • A Chinese Client Acquisition Manager wanted to improve his English communication skills to interact better with his international clients and team members. Start English designed a 12-hour programme that focused on presentations, intensive listening practice and advanced vocabulary. As a result, the employee was able to communicate more effectively with his clients and team, leading to improved collaboration, stronger team bonds, and smoother working relationships with clients.

Start with a Sharing Session: a 30-minute online meeting with one of our English Trainers.  During this session, we listen to your needs and issues with English communication. We collaborate with you to identify key areas of focus for the Start English Professional Development Programme. 

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