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Classes for everyone

Find out more about our group and private lessons. 
Fun, relaxing and comfortable space for you to grow. 


" I really enjoy attending group classes. The duration is great which gives me enough time to practise listening and speaking skills. 

The classes aren't too crowded and the teacher takes good care of us.  If you come for a free trial class, I am very willing to help you and welcome you. 

At Start English, they have conversation classes by level and you can choose the classes based on your preferences. 

You can feel at home with the teachers and enjoy really good coffee in class. Learning at Start English is a wonderful choice! "

Ray, working in Singapore

Group Classes

Meet people from different countries and cultures in our group classes. 

Try our conversation classes using practical topics related to your everyday life and experiences. 

Try our General English classes using textbook structure to learn and practise speaking.

Mix and match classes that suit your learning preferences. Take classes based on your schedule. Try it today!

Paper Clips


2 Stars

  • Fostering the confidence to travel and explore.

  • Suitable for elementary/pre-intermediate students.

  • A1/A2 level

Image by Kelly Sikkema


3 Stars

  • Enhancing confidence in conversation. 

  • Suitable for pre-intermediate/intermediate students.

  • A2/B1 level

Image by Copper and Wild


4 Stars

  • Developing the confidence to be yourself in English.

  • Suitable for intermediate/intermediate-plus/upper-intermediate students.

  • B1/B2 level

Image by Mel Poole


5-6 Stars

  • Cultivating confidence in professional, academic and new social environments.

  • Suitable for upper-intermediate/advanced

  • B2/C1 level

What level are you?

Sometimes, you are in between levels. 

Pre-intermediate is too easy. 

Intermediate is too difficult. 

We have a solution. You can choose to join both levels and find a balance in your learning. Challenge yourself or stay in a comfortable level. 2 stars is the easiest and 6 stars is the most difficult class. 

You have a choice at Start English. 


" I prefer taking group classes because I can meet friends of various nationalities, hear various expressions, and hang out for coffee after class.


Some classmates have become friends as we get along well. We have the same level of English and experience similar situations in Singapore. 


At times, living abroad can be tough and lonely. Being in the Start English community has become a source of energy in my life abroad."

Grace, living in Singapore


Private Lessons

Feel comfortable, relaxed and assured in our private lessons. 


Our teachers work with you to help you achieve your goals with attention, precision and professionalism. 

Choose from our online or offline private lessons. 

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