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So you've reached an advanced level of English, but you still want to improve?

This is a common problem. A lot of teachers don't have experience teaching advanced students. That means that they find it difficult to find materials for classes.

At Start English, we believe that the options for advanced students are endless: podcasts, newspapers, discussions, documentaries - and so much more.

Recently, Chi - an advanced English speaker who has previously lived and studied in the US - came to Start English. She wanted to study English in order to achieve an even higher level of English.

Advanced English speaker learning English in Singapore
Chi and Rich having class on Monday evening

I suggested that we start a 'Podcast Club'. Each week, I recommend a podcast. We listen to it in our own time. After that, Chi makes a note of any new vocabulary. We can discuss the vocabulary and the podcast in class. It's a very effective way for advanced students to improve. We can also use the class time very efficiently.

Chi is an incredibly generous person. She wanted to write a review for me so that more Japanese students can find our school. I am lucky to have such kind and thoughtful students!

So here is Chi's review:



TOEIC800点以上ありましたがさらにネイティブに近い英語力を身に着けたいと、ビジネス アドバンスを教えてくれる先生を探していました。彼と初回の面談をする中で、“もしも英語をさらに上手になりたいならPodcast Clubはどう?”と勧められました。あるPodcastを聞いて、その内容をクラスで言い合う。知らない単語はメモする形で1時間ほどのラジオをリスニング。






シンガポールで英会話スクールをお探しの方がいらっしゃいましたら、ぜひ一度Start Englishの無料体験で、Richの人柄と英語の学習に関しての相談をしてみてはいかがでしょうか!!


Thank you so much to Chi for taking the time to write this for us. We have private lessons for all levels starting now. We have group classes for all levels starting in September.

If you would like to come and meet us, why not book a free 1-1 trial lesson? Joining Start English is simple.

  1. Book a free trial or a speaking test. You can also just come for a chat!

  2. Come and meet us.

  3. Find your level, receive a free lesson and get some study tips.

  4. Go home and think about which school is right for you. ​

That's it.

And don't forget! In Singapore, you can learn English anywhere! At Start English, we will help you discover Singapore, meet new friends, and improve your English.

Here is one of our favourite YouTubers exploring Singapore!

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