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Enjoy fully-flexible classes

Choose a plan that suits you and pay only when you attend a class. 


Each credit is 30 mins.
Choose a pass that suits your needs. 

Imagine you bought a $600 pass for 60 credits. 1 credit (30mins) is $10. 
If you would like to attend a 1.5 hour (3 credits) class, it would cost $30. 
If you would like to attend a 2 hour (4 credits) class, it would cost $40. 

Download our mobile application to find out more about our classes. 

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Find out how you could use the credits.

Here is how a student can use his/her credits in a month.
This is different for everyone. 

Kara is an Intermediate / Intermediate Plus student. 

She bought 24 credits last month (equivalent to 12 hours of study). 
She attended Intermediate Conversation class (2 hours = 4 credits). 

Kara was busy on the 10th so she didn't book a class. No credits used. 
She went for a holiday for a week. No credits used. 
She was feeling tired on 22nd. No credits used. 

Kara booked an Intermediate Plus class on 25th for more practice. 
She finished her credits at the end of this month.

She has purchased a 60 credits group pass because it is more value for money. 

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Buy our passes and be flexible. 

Never worry about going on a holiday.

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