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Find the Seven Merlions and Practice Adjectives!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Textbooks are great. They help us study. They help our teachers plan lessons. But did you know that you can study English anywhere?

Here are our favourite places to study English in Singapore. From statues to hotels, from restaurants to secret islands, English is everywhere. Let us help you find it!

Find the seven Merlions

I’m sure you know the Merlion, but did you know that there are actually seven of them?

Incredible. If you are still learning how to count - just kidding! We know you can count to seven! But here’s a real suggestion: why not take photos of all of the merlions and use this as an opportunity to practice comparative and superlative adjectives.

Which Merlion is prettier? Which Merlion is bigger? Which is the most interesting? Which has the strangest face? Who can take the funniest picture? Which location is the best? Is the Merlion more lion-y or more fishy? Okay. Okay. You got me. Lion-y isn’t a real word.

If you are in Singapore with children, ask them to draw pictures of their favourite Merlion. Can they describe it in English? You can find these statues at Sentosa, Merlion Park, Ang Mo Kio, Tourism Court and Mount Faber.

Here is where to find all seven merlions. You can also find out which one is the most expensive!

Of course, you can also practice your English online! Here are some links to our favourite websites!

If you want to have fun and practice your English, check out our courses here!

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