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Have a staycation and read an English book in a special place

Textbooks are great. They help us study. They help our teachers plan lessons. But did you know that you can learn English anywhere?

Do you like reading novels? I do. I like reading them at home. I like reading them by the pool. I like reading them in bed, on the sofa, on the bus, at a cafe. I also really like reading books in interesting places.

In Edinburgh, you can visit the cafe where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter. And in Singapore, you can stay in the hotel which Joseph Conrad - author of Lord Jim, Heart of Darkness and others - used as a post office!

Study English at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore
Fullerton Hotel Singapore

If you like reading in English, why not take a copy of Lord Jim and book a staycation in the Fullerton Hotel!

Outside, you will find a statue to Conrad and inside you will find one of Singapore’s nicest - and most expensive - hotels. If you get tired of reading in your luxurious hotel room, take your favourite book to boat quay and enjoy some food, a beer, and a relaxing read next to the Singapore river.

If you’re in the west, why not visit Raffles Marina. Here you’ll find a lot of yachts and a beautiful lighthouse. Enjoy the sea view and remember to #practiceenglish while you’re there!

Of course, you can also practice your English online! Here are some links to our favourite websites!

If you want to have fun and practice your English, book a free 1-1 trial lesson with us!

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