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Go Island Hopping and Practice "go + -ing"

Textbooks are great. They help us study. They help our teachers plan lessons. But did you know that you can study English anywhere?

Here are our favourite places to study English in Singapore. From statues to hotels, from restaurants to secret islands, English is everywhere. Let us help you find it!

Go island hopping

How many islands are there in Singapore? Did you guess 2? 10? 24? Keep going! It’s 64.

Singapore is so busy, so hectic, and so convenient. It’s difficult to imagine that there are places in Singapore that don’t have supermarkets, hawker centres, convenience stores or Ya Kun coffee shops.

If you want to go cycling, go snorkeling, go hiking, go swimming, go running, go walking - or maybe you just want to practice using go + ing! - then the best places to go are Singapore’s islands.

St John’s island is the place for a quiet - and very hot - day at the beach. Kusu island is perfect for a picnic. Sisters’ Islands are good for hiking.

All of these places are accessible by ferry. We recommend taking sun cream, lots of water, a delicious picnic, a parasol, and a nice English book to read!

Here is how to get to St. John's Island. It's easier than you think. But try to go early in the morning!

Of course, you can also practice your English online! Here are some links to our favourite websites!

  • Perfect English Grammar is a great place to practice grammar. The explanations are very clear and the website is very easy to use.

  • We love the BBC Learning English youtube channel. There’s so much to explore!

  • The English Vocabulary in Use app is perfect for reviewing vocabulary on the train, on the bus, at the dinner table, in bed, on the …

If you want to have fun and practice your English, check out our courses here!

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