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About Town


Discuss with your partner:

1. What is the best place to take your friends and family in Singapore?
2. What is the worst place? Why?
3. What are some of the most famous places in Singapore? e.g. MBS Have you been there? Did you like it? etc.
4. What are some of the most famous places in your country? e.g. the Eiffel Tower

About Town

- What's the most famous place you've been to? Did it live up to your expectations? Why? / Why not?
- Where would you most like to visit? Why? What would you do there?
- Do you think the place where you live is a good tourist destination? Why? / Why not?

VOCABULARY Buildings and areas

Take one minute to read the questions and find new vocabulary. Check any new words with your teacher.

What kind of buildings and other things might you see in an affluent area?
What kind of places are usually described as grand?
What might you want to do to a hideous building or monument?
Can you think of a place with a lot of high-rise buildings?
What might the government do to an historic area or building? Why?
What do you call the opposite of a deprived area?
What do you find in a residential area?
Would you recommend a tourist to visit a rough area? Why/Why not?
What might a local government do to a run-down building or area?
What do you call the opposite of a stunning building?
What might you find in a trendy area? And what kind of people might live there?
What’s usually happening in an up-and-coming area?

Now work in pairs. Discuss the questions.


Can you use the new vocabulary to describe...
- different areas in Singapore?
- different cities in your country?
- places you have visited?


🔊 10 Listen to a Serbian woman, Ivana, and her friend, May, as they drive through Belgrade. Take notes on what you hear about each place. Work in pairs to compare your ideas.
New Belgrade

the Arena
Big concerts / sports events held there. One of the biggest entertainment venues in Europe.
the Ada Bridge

Manakova Kuća

St Mark’s Church

Built late 1930s – on site of older church. Contains tomb of a great Serbian emperor.
Kalemegdan Fortress

the Victor Monument



Imagine you are going to drive a friend around your hometown, the city you are in now, or round a city you know well. Write the names of four or five places you will pass through. Think of details about the places, what you think of them and if you’d recommend visiting them.

Find a short video on youtube showing your city or a place you know well. Use this video to introduce your city.

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