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Learning English can be complicated. 
We make it simple. 

It's never too late to start. 

Why choose Start English?

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In 2020, when COVID hit, I saw a huge problem in English education. With the shift towards online learning, students wanted flexibility, yet they faced an unexpected challenge: isolation.


Despite being in Singapore, many didn't make new friends, feeling disconnected and alone. This realisation sparked the idea for Start English—a school designed for flexibility, where students set their pace and schedule, and where community is valued over profits.


Alongside my friends and fellow teachers, Cass, Jason, and Ron, we envisioned more than just a school; we imagined a family.


Since April 2022, our family has grown - with students from France, Korea, Spain, Japan, China and many more joining us!


As our school has expanded, we've continued to innovate, ensuring that learning English is not only enjoyable but also widely accessible.


Our promise to you is simple:

- Learning English with us is enjoyable.

- Through technology, we maintain affordable prices.

- Friendship, community, and personal growth are at the heart of everything we do.

Meet the Team

Our teachers are the backbone of our business.

They listen to you. They guide your journey. 

They learn from you. They share with you. 

They bond with you. 

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