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Turn your Social Media English

Textbooks are great. They help us study. They help our teachers plan lessons. But did you know that you can study English anywhere?

Here are our favourite places to study English in Singapore. From statues to hotels, from restaurants to secret islands, English is everywhere. Let us help you find it!

Turn your social media English with Singapore’s most Instagrammable places

Are you following any English-speaking instagrammers? Changing your social media habits is one of the quickest ways to introduce more English into your life. And if you’re looking for good places to take photos, here are our recommendations.

Gillman Barracks is an area surrounded by trees and wildlife. There is a cafe, colonial architecture, and a lot of different art galleries. Get creative and take your best shot. Don’t forget to tag

Chinese gardens is another great place for interesting architecture. Located next to the Canadian International School in the west of Singapore, there are plenty of great places to take photos.

If you’re in the west, why not visit Raffles Marina. Here you’ll find a lot of yachts and a beautiful lighthouse. Enjoy the sea view and remember to #practiceenglish while you’re there!

Of course, you can also practice your English online! Here are some links to our favourite websites!

If you want to have fun and practice your English, check out our courses here!

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